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A two-day conference on the most critical bilateral relationship in the global arena

The Trade War that began in 2018 thrust U.S.-China relations onto a rapidly deteriorating spiral. Then the pandemic put China at the center of a global catastrophe. Kinetic warfare made its return to continental Europe and exposed fault lines in global ideological allegiances.

This November, as we face the uncertain winds of policy change alongside two of the most important political events to affect geopolitics — the Midterms in the U.S. and the 20th National People's Congress in China — join us at NEXTChina 2022 alongside experts to discuss what's truly going on, what we can expect going forward, and how to weather what may be a once-in-a-century perfect storm.

NEXTChina 2022 Keynote & Honoree


Our Keynote Speaker and honoree is   Stephen Roach , former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and chief economist, currently Senior Fellow at Paul Tsai China Center of the Yale Law School. Roach has long been one of Wall Street’s most influential economists. 

In his keynote, Stephen will be discussing the ideas in his upcoming book, Accidental Conflict: America, China, and the Clash of False Narratives, to be published in November. 


Stephen will be honored in person with the NEXTChina Lifetime Achievement Award at our Dinner Ceremony at Cucina 8 1/2 on November 10.

NextChina - Speakers

Conference Speakers

For full speaker bios, go to our Speakers Page

For full speaker bios, go to our Speakers Page

NextChina - Schedule


Join us from anywhere in the world to listen in on experts mapping out how to navigate the relationship between China and the United States in this new era.

7 PM

Opening Remarks by The China Project

Anla Cheng, Founder and Chair

Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief

Kaiser Kuo, Sinica Podcast Host



Keynote Speech by Stephen Roach
Accidental Conflict: America, China & The Clash of False Narratives






Lifting the Fog from the 20th Party Congress
What the new era of Chairman Xi means for global relations with China.

Speakers include:

  • Damien Ma, Managing Director, MacroPolo

  • Jude Blanchette, Freeman Chair in China Studies, CSIS

  • Yun Sun, Senior Fellow, Stimson Center

  • Moderated by Kaiser Kuo, Host, Sinica Podcast





Rebuilding Trade Routes

(Sponsored by Pillsbury)
5 Years into the Trade War, will Biden finally lift tariffs on China to combat American inflation?

Speakers include:

  • ​Margaret Pearson, Dr. Horace E. and Wilma V. Harrison Distinguished Professor, University of Maryland, College Park

  • Thomas Christensen, Director of the China and the World Program, Columbia University, SIPA

  • Joseph Zeng, Founder & Chairman, Arcadia Fund

  • Moderated by Matthew Rabinowitz, Counsel, Pillsbury Law





Full Speed Ahead in Tech & Energy

(Sponsored by Hi2 Global)
Will China and America compete or cooperate in these particularly contentious industries?

Speakers include:

  • Paul Triolo, Senior VP of China Tech Policy, ASG

  • Jerry Wang, CEO, Hi2 Global

  • Catherine Pan, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney

  • Moderated by Samm Sacks, Cybersecurity Policy Fellow, New America